I heart @iamalchemy

Heart  |  April 22, 2014

There is a lady, a lovely lady. A lady dripping in neutral tones, and probably carrying a foraged eucalyptus branch. Her name is Belinda and she is wonderful.

I started following Belinda through Instagram  I think in 2011. Hindsight tells me that Belinda and I worked from the studios in Abbotsford. We were ships in the night. Since 2011 Belinda is still one of my major inspirations. When I am looking for that extra colour, I can sometimes hear Belinda’s whisper saying, “Enough colour Gemma. Enough.”

I created a new vessel with Belinda in mind. Its called the Breadcrumb. I sent the first sample to Belinda as a gift and she send me the most lovely picture of it styled in classic Australiana.

Belinda has a lovely website. If your in the mood for something beautiful art, please, check it out.


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