New Treasures in Webstore

DIY Projects  |  December 7, 2013

Thank goodness for friends! My friend Heather Lighton spent all day taking photos for me so I could update my web store. She has a terrible cold and  was achey, and painy, and feeling all over uncomfortable. She did it cos she is my friend and I owe her my heart. Heather, I love you. You are one of a kind lady. I hope you never leave me or find another loud big haired red head girl to take my place.

The upside, I have finally added some new items to my online store. Everything is made and ready to be shipped. If your item is for a special someone, let me know and ill gift wrap it . Be sure to order and pay before Tuesday 17th Dec if your item is for a Chrissy present! Phew! THANKS GUYS!!!

GemmaPatfordBaskets_HeatherLighton_2013061 GemmaPatfordBaskets_HeatherLighton_2013050 GemmaPatfordBaskets_HeatherLighton_2013051  GemmaPatfordBaskets_HeatherLighton_2013053 GemmaPatfordBaskets_HeatherLighton_2013002

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