Whacha doing Gemma?

Heart  |  September 27, 2013

I’ve taken some time off from my bread and butter job to sit around the house, pat the cat and relax. Duncan also took some time off, and on the first day of his holidays he bought Grand Theft Auto V. That was the end of him.

Instead of relaxing, which is something that will send me to early Botox, I took up a few extra projects for some happy clients.

The first set pictured is for Mr Sparrow. A really cute store in Perth who approached me to come up with a custom colour way for their shop.

The second baskets is for one of my favorite ladies Megan Morton who asked me to come up with a hanging wall basket with a french peruvian feel. The term chook bum yellow was mentioned and this is what I came up with.

The third set of baskets for the Aacute ladies. They are cooking up something special with these I just know it.

What you can’t see, is everything else I’ve been doing, which mostly is on the hush hush till October. BORING! Sorry.

Mr-Sparrow-High-Res GemmaPatfordBaskets_HeatherLighton_2013050 MM-Concept-2 AACUTE16092013 Geometric Hand Painted Rope Vessels2

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