DIY Polymer clay vessels – Heather Lighton

DIY Projects  |  June 15, 2013
I like Heather. Its no secret. So when I received THIS text the other week, I thought perhaps I might be emailing Heather too much and perhaps after our recent collaboration I may need to giver her a bit of space. Then I came to my senses, purchased a pair of denim over-alls (Heather is notorious for wearing comfy dungarees) and demanded she write a blog post for me. She said yes! YES! Heather makes lovely fimo clay beads, and at the recent Markit at Federation Square, she popped our business cards in a lovely hand made fimo bowl! It was beautiful and I just have to share it with you. Please note, this project is not designed for food. Probably best not to eat out of it in fear of chemicals or other nasties.

DIY Polymer clay vessel

1 – Get some fimo and mix it up into a ball until it’s nice and soft and make a ball.
2 – Work the ball with your hands into an even disc. Dan said it’s the same way you make dumplings.
3 – you can use a rolling pin to make it really flat. A plastic roller would be better because it can stick.
4 – Mould your disk into a bowl you don’t care about too much as it MIGHT crack in oven.
5 – You might need to slice bits off and remould in your hands to get it to fit nicely.
6 – Once you have it moulded in bowl nicely bake for 30-45 mins at 110c
7 – Take it out and let it cool and then use it for WHATEVER!

My basic understanding is that polymer clay is dishwasher safe when completely cured. Imagine making your dear friend an entire set! Oh my! This is a very useful, strong DIY project which I’m sure I will revisit again and again. Thanks Heather!


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