Gemma Patford x Heather Lighton

Heart  |  April 25, 2013

Two heads are always better than one! And let’s be honest, it’s always way more fun to collaborate with friends! Heather Lighton and I are working on a little project together for Markit at Federation Square on May 26th.

Heather is a true renaissance woman. Her amazing hand crafted necklaces are an absolute delight to both wear and look at. I could literally lose myself (here I am) looking into her delicate polymer clay patterns. Get this, she is an amazing photographer and stylist too! I mean, doesn’t it just make you sick?

I was lucky enough to trick this beauty into a collaboration and yes, I’m going to ride her coat tails into the stars.

Our collaboration includes my baskets coupled with her beautiful beads to create cute, fun, but above all practical items for your home.

All items will be available at Markit at Federation Square on May 26th. Please come and visit us! It’s going to be a blast!


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