Sorry, you’ve been up cycled!

DIY Projects  |  October 5, 2012

Sorry, but I have never liked Vintage up-cycling. I mean no disrespect to the talented crafters who dance away the hours making a ball gown dress out of bottle caps, or sewing beautiful crocheted napkins onto Target Singlets, (BTW, you’ve just ruined a perfectly good napkin and a very practical singlet), but its never been my bag*.

But its O.K, because I have found an up cycle loop hole. VINTAGE TABLE CLOTHS!

It’s no secret, I go ga-ga for a good op shop, garage sale, Sunday market. Instead of going straight to my usual plant holders or pastel crockery, instead I find myself trolling through baskets of tea stained linens, stiff napkins and scrappy offcuts to find that one of a kind, million dollar print. Last week, I found that print, and it came in the form of a musky smelling table cloth.


  • Just enough fabric, 2m Square
  • Great fabric which is cost peanuts
  • 360 degree prints
  • You’re wearing a table cloth

Using an old Vogue bodice pattern I whipped up this Spring treasure in an evening. So next time you’re in the opshop, don’t walk past that tub of fabric remnants. You’re next summer dress could be hanging out at the bottom, covered in beetroot, just crying out to be transformed.


* HYPOCRITE ALERT: It was just the other week I bought a 1960’s wedding dress from the Rowville Op Shop, took it up, died it yellow and wore it to a baby shower. I’m the worst!

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