Posted in Adventures, DIY Projects | Dec 24

DIY Painted Braided Floral Christmas Wreath More is more. I’m the first to say it. However, each Christmas I find myself looking for a more simple and paired-back way to spread festive cheer. This season I am searching for relaxed, liveable, natural pieces to decorate our small apartment. Using real flowers and neutral colours, this […]

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Posted in Adventures, DIY Projects | Dec 08

Wah-hey! Apologies for the barren landscape which is was web store. I have been busy making and painting new exciting things for you. The web store is back online this week . Thank you for your emails and apologies for the delay Thank you for your patience xx  

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Gemma Patford x Pop & Scott Rope Vessel Workshop

Posted in Adventures, DIY Projects | Nov 15

This January, I am hosting my Rope Vessel Workshop. I love teaching this class! Learn how to create and decorate your own beautiful rope basket. I will show you how to sew and style your own unique rope masterpiece using paint, scrap fabric and embroidery. At the end of the workshop, you will be will […]

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What is this? An email from Gemma Patford?

Posted in Heart | Nov 14

Have I told you? Have you heard? I have a mailing list. I promise with my hand on my heart, that I will use this platform for good, not evil. I will only email you if I have something relevant to your interests, and should you feel like unsubscribing, I will not be upset. This is […]

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Posted in DIY Projects, Press, Recipes | Aug 07

Have you ever wanted to know how I get my cakes so high and straight? I am happy to announce that I will be teaching the how-to’s and simple techniques I’ve taught myself through hours you tube, flicking through magazines, picking the brains of people in the know. This workshop is suitable for beginners with […]

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